Arris FM6BEPJ-K06A6A1N- Flex Max601e 1Ghz Bridger Amplifier

SKU: S-PART-0030


Arris FM6BEPJ-K06A6A1N- Flex Max601e 1Ghz Bridger Amplifier, module only. 24 db cable loss/17db tilt, 43 db spacing, 42/54 Mhz split, 427.25 Mhz ALC level control, 18 db active return gain, 2 active outputs with internal test points,2.5 amp, 90 volt powering with crowbar, no housing. Uses the NPB forward and return attenuators, SEQ-862 or SEQ-1G forward equalizers, SCS-862 or SCS-1G cable simulator and the MEQ-42 return equalizer.


  • Offers a forward operational gain of 36 dB (manual)/33 dB (thermal and ALSC @ 711MHz QAM) and an operational return gain of 18 dB
  • Pilot frequency available at 711.00 MHz (QAM)
  • Directional coupler forward input and output test points. Directional coupler return output test point and resistive return input test point.
  • Uses common legacy style equalizers and attenuators with guide pins
    1 GHz GaAs technology
  • Designed to drop into existing 9-NH Series style housings to effectively upgrade a network from 750 or 870 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Plug-in diplex filters
  • Built-in surge protection

The Flex-Max 601 1 GHz Line Extender is the latest edition to the extensive 1 GHz RF Amplifier and Node offerings. The FM601 was designed using the legacy 9-NH Series housing as its base and can easily be deployed as either a new build/system extension amplifier or used as a drop-in module upgrade to existing Legacy 9-NH series housings. Offering the latest in 1 GHz technology, these amplifiers also accept legacy style 750/870 MHz EQs and Pads so you can efficiently extend or upgrade your network of GNA or G3A line extender amplifiers using common style plug-ins. The Flex-Max 601 Line Extender amplifiers provide one high-level RF distribution output.

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