Arris 821000-035-00 MB100K-2HAXH-F-R Mini-Bridger Amplifier

SKU: S-PART-0039


Arris 821000-035-00 MB100K-2HAXH-F-R Mini-Bridger Amplifier. This two-way capable dual output amplifier offers high gain, high output levels, ergonomics, superior distortion performance, multiple diplex filter options, 16 dB return loss, and Bode equalization. The MB100 also allows optional advanced features such as ingress control switching and status monitoring. A third output is user-configurable via splitter or directional coupler plug-in. Single output models are also available.


  • 1003 MHz Enhanced Gallium Arsenide (E-GaAs) power doubling technology
  • High Gain
  • High output level
  • Multiple diplex filter options
  • Future N-split (5-85/104-1003 MHz) availability
  • Ease-of-use ergonomics
  • 16 dB return loss
  • 60/90 V powering
  • Meets Telcordia GR-1098-Core voltage surge requirements using surge waveforms as described in IEEE C62.41
  • FCC, CENELEC, and CCC approved
  • RoHS compliant models available Q1 2007
  • Bode equalization (thermal or auto controlled)
  • 15 Ampere AC capability
  • Optional return path ingress control and status monitor
  • Power factor corrected power supply
  • Directional coupler –20 dB test point



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