Coaxial Cable Market to Witness Robust Expansion throughout the Forecast 2017-2027

Coaxial Cable Market to Witness Robust Expansion throughout the Forecast 2017-2027

The advancements in technology happening every day transforming the world into a more connected world, necessitate the need for the safe and secure transmission of data. Bulks of data transfer happen every day ranging from personal to organizational data and from within a house to across the globe. The successful transmission of data thus has become a concern nowadays. With a whole gamut of options nowadays, as a means to transfer the data, coaxial cables are used from years and till the date due to reliable data transfer gather a high demand in the market.

Coaxial cable is a type of cable that has an inner conductor covered by an insulating layer, which is surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. The external interferences are eliminated by larger amounts due to this type of design, giving rise to a reliable transfer of data. They are majorly used in the cable television industry, military and aerospace, telephone service providers and other industries. Because of the wide range of applications provided by the cable, they are expected to have high demand in coaxial cable market resulting in a promising CAGR.

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 Coaxial cable market: Drivers and Restraint

Reliable data transfer and high capacity with substantial advancements in IT and telecom sectors are the key factors driving the growth of the market. In addition to these, other major factors contributing to the market growth are rising investments in communication infrastructure, cheaper installation costs, and the growing broadband and broadcasting industry. Owing to a large number of internet subscribers, internet service providers’ represent the largest segment among the end users. In addition to the transfer of official data, increasing popularity of Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance (MoCA) technology for sharing high definition videos to home interconnected devices is expected to drive the coaxial cable market.

CATV companies, system integrators, military and aerospace industry, telephone service providers, internet service providers, construction industry and others (medical, automotive, marine and other OEMs) are some other sectors that can be held responsible for the high demand of coaxial cables in the market. With the increasing levels of data insecurity, and focusing on improving security across the globe in both the public and private sectors increasing the demand for Coaxial cable.

The coaxial cable market faces a substantial threat from rapid changes in technology resulting in evolving alternatives such as fiber optics or wireless technologies. Also, the intense market competition and comparatively being an old technology can decline in usage of Coaxial cable, but due to its data transmission efficiency over long distances, it is expected to create a niche market.

Coaxial cable market: Segmentation

The global coaxial cable market is been categorized into two segments, namely application, end users.

Segmentation on the basis of application:

On the basis of application, the coaxial cable market can be segmented into

  • Internet Data Transfer
  • Video Distribution
  • Radio Frequency Transfer

Data needs to transfer at high speed over the internet. This data transferred over the internet includes applications, videos, audio, documents, etc. Many high-speed fiber internet connections are also using coaxial technology. These coaxial cables are also widely used in the television cable industry and do have wide application in radio frequency transfer. The absence of interference in coaxial cable is what makes it one of the most reliable choices for transmitting radio signals.

Segmentation on the basis of End-user:

On the basis end user, the coaxial cable market can be segmented into

  • Cable Television Industry: It provides television programs based on a subscription  model
  • Military and Aerospace: Find coaxial cable can be used in Military and Aerospace  industry for critical data transfer
  • Internet Service Providers: ISPs uses coaxial cable to provide high-speed internet services

Regional Trends:

North America is expected to show a promising CAGR being a major reason for it.  The U.S. and Canada are relatively mature markets for coaxial cables with currently, the U.S. dominating the North America coaxial cable market because of the increasing popularity of interconnected home devices, low cost of installation, and accelerating IT and telecom sector expenditure on the part of small and medium-sized businesses.

Mexico is projected to demonstrate the highest CAGR in the Latin America coaxial cable market, as a result of accelerating economic development and investment from the government in the telecommunication and broadband sectors. The European market witnessed moderate growth in Coaxial cable market while Asia-pacific being an early adopter of the coaxial cable technology exhibited significant growth. Overall the coaxial cable market growth will have multiple growth opportunities for coaxial cable players.

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Coaxial cable market: Key Players

Belden, Inc., General Cable Corporation, LS Cable & System, TE Connectivity Ltd., Amphenol Corporation are some of the key players in the Application-to-person (A2P) enterprise messaging Coaxial cable market.

Other emerging players in this market include Nexans SA, Coleman Cable, Inc., Southwire Company, LLC., L-Com Global Connectivity, Alpha Wire and Prysmian Group.

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