PPC RG11 P11ET77V2PRF Coaxial Cable Messenger Aerial

SKU: S-PART-0040


PPC RG11 P11ET77V2PRF Coaxial Cable Messenger Aerial 3GHz Communication P11ET77V2PRF Messenger Aerial. PPC 75 Ohm coaxial CATV cable is the reliable, cost-effective solution for today’s bi-directional broadband systems. 11 Series, Perfect Prep, Tri-shield, 77% Briad, 0.072″ Messenger Perfect Guard, Footage Marked, Reel.


  • Series 11
  • Tri-Shield, 77% braid
  • PVC jacket w/ messenger wire
  • 14 AWG copper covered steel center conductor
  • Closed cell foamed PE dielectric
  • Laminated shielding tape / Braided 34 AWG aluminum wire
  • UV stable, PVC jacket
  • Compliant with ANSI/SCTE 74 specifications for braided 75 Ohm flexible RF coaxial drop cable
  • 100% certified material testing
  • Exceptional electrical performance from 5 MHz to 3GHz
  • Integral galvanized steel messenger
  • 1,000 ft reel



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