Antronix AMP-MRA1-15/AC Amplifier RF Broadband

SKU: S-PART-0010


The latest Antronix AMP-MRA1-15/AC Amplifier RF Broadband provides subscriber premise amplification in a small convenient package. The new micro-housing allows all ports of the amplifier to be facing down to simplify coaxial cable wiring in NID enclosures or small spaces. Our patented CamPort® provides the only auto-seizing F-port for maximum contact area and reliability for multimedia applications. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, the MRA was engineered to withstand the harshest environmental threats with the capability of enduring repeated high power surges on any port.

Features for Antronix AMP-MRA1-15/AC Amplifier RF Broadband:

  • Patented auto-seizing CamPort for reliable drop connection.
  • 3 dB Noise Figure.
  • 6kV combination wave surge protection available on all ports.
  • Supports two-way digital communication.
  • High port-to-port isolation.
  • Full 5-1000 MHz bandwidth.
  • 15 psi sealed SCTE compliant brass CamPort.
  • Powder painted 360 aluminum alloy housing.
  • Local or remote powering.
  • Self-resetting short circuit protected power adaptor.
  • Exceeds all SCTE standards.



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